Modengzhe 40 x 13 inch Car Grill Mesh Sheet, Black Painted Aluminum Alloy Multifunctional Grille Mesh Roll, 3 x 6 mm


Color Black
Brand Modengzhe
Material Aluminum
Vehicle Service Type Car
Product Grade Replacement Part

  • 【DIMENSION】Each grille mesh sheet size: 40 x 13 inches (L*W); Each mesh grid size: 6 x 3 mm (L*W).
  • 【MATERIAL】Rhombic-Grid Grill Mesh is made from aluminium alloy with black painted, easy to bend, durable to use.
  • 【FUNCTION】This Grille Mesh Sheet helps to prevent debris or harmful things from damaging radiators and allow air to pass by and keep the engine running cool.
  • 【APPLICATION】The grill mesh can be bent and molded into different shapes, suitable for any bumper, body kit, mudguard, hood vent, vehicle opening, etc; also can be use in your handcrafts projects and your home where in need.
  • 【SERVICE】If there’s any quality issue, please feel free to contact us; If there’s problem with delivery, please contact the amazon service team first.

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Product Description


Modengzhe Car Grill Mesh Sheet (Optional)

There are other types of grill mesh sheets in our shop for you to choose from.

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Modengzhe 3 x 6 mm Rhombic-Shape Grids Grill Mesh Sheet

Product Introduction

  • The car air intake grille mainly plays a role of heat dissipation. It is not fully enclosed, and you can see the part of the engine compartment inside it.
  • When the car engine is working, it will generate a lot of heat. When the hood needs to form a relatively closed interior to block the rain and can not play the role of heat dissipation, the front grille is also subject to the greatest wind resistance on the front, so the grille grille The role is to intake air and reduce air resistance.
  • Product Specifications
  • Color: Black
  • Sheet Size: 40 x 13 inches
  • Grid Size: 6 x 3 mm
  • Grid Shape: Rhombus
  • Material: Aluminum




Product Features

  • Universal fit for any bumper, body kit, fender, hood vent, vehicle opening, etc
  • Protect your intercooler, radiator, and engine bay from road rocks, debris, garbage, leaves, etc.
  • It can also be used for home improvement & decoration, garden barriers or other DIY crafts.

About falling off of paint

  • This is a normal defect during the production and packaging process.
  • Because the grill mesh is firstly paint-sprayed in tiled state and then rolled by machines.
  • During the rolling process, the machine may scratch the grill mesh and cause the paint on the it to fall off.
  • We will pay more attention to the spraying operation to avoid similar situations, but this defect cannot be completely eliminated.

About breaking when folded

  • Since our net is made of aluminum, it is recommended to be used flat or bent into a radian.
  • Folding is not recommended as excessive folding can easily cause the metal to break.

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